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Pop Culture Facial Hair: The 90's

Peter Polito

The 90's. The era of the second half of my youth. The 90's had grunge, hip hop, and New Kids on the Block on one end and Santana and Rob Thomas playing on a near infinite loop on every other radio station at the other end. Saved by the bell to kick off the decade, The Sopranos and Sponge Bob closed us out. So what about the facial hair? We'll, not so good. There were a few peaks in there, but also a lot of naked faces, sadly. 

The 90's facial hair can be characterized by baby faces and goatees. Sure, there were some decent beards that appeared from time to time, but generally, it was a weak decade. 

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Pop Culture Facial Hair: The 80's

Peter Polito

Every decade has a style. It can be defined by the clothing, the music, the art, or the cultural ethos. But here at The Bearded Savant, we understand the only worthwhile way to define a decade is through the facial hair. This is the first of an unknown number of jaunts back through time looking through the lens of facial hair, starting with the 1980's, the decade of the mustache.

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