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Quarter Sawn White Oak Comb

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Quarter Sawn White Oak Comb

IMG_5633 (1).jpg
IMG_5633 (1).jpg

Quarter Sawn White Oak Comb


Quarter sawn white oak inlaid with quarter sawn white oak or Tiger Maple. This wood exhibits dramatic medullar figures and is very striking. It is a hardy wood, the most resilient comb we carry.

Made for a man, strong enough for a woman.

Inlay Wood:
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Hand-crafted by a master comb maker using two inlaid pieces of kiln-dried wood. Assembled in a cross-grained pattern for superior strength. There is no pressing, no mass-producing, no chemical treatments. Just dried, shaped, and sanded wood.

More than three decades of experience goes into each of these combs. The quality is second-to-none.