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Craft men's grooming products for the every man. We carry beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, and solid cologne handmade with organic carrier oils, butters, and waxes and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils along with beard combs, and apparel.

The Daily Ritual for Beard Care

We are champions of the daily beard oil and balm mantra, but why? First, let’s review common beard maladies:

  1. Dry and flakey skin

  2. Stiff beard hair

  3. General discomfort

  4. Dull or unhealthy looking beard

  5. Itchy skin

  6. Stray or uncontrollable hair

  7. Skin or beard sensitivity

  8. Patchy growth

Your discomfort may just be the current stage of beard growth and genetics can have some effect on, say, patchy growth or a propensity for dry skin but all of these issues are compounded by poor beard care.


Our beard oil is a 1-2-3 punch of organic jojoba and sweet almond oil and therapeutic-grade essential oils. The jojoba is rapidly absorbed replenishing the abused outer layer of your skin. If you’ve ever had a crazy-itchy beard and applied our oil and felt that immediate “ahhhhh” moment, you can thank jojoba. The sweet almond oil is first aid for the follicle. It hitchhikes with the jojoba and works its way into the root of the follicle softening it and giving it a natural shine that lasts long after the oil is fully absorbed.

The key here is absorption, which is why we recommend applying right out of the shower while your beard is still damp, and pores are open, increasing the rate of absorption.


Tell any esthetician you apply a blend of Shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax daily and they will call you  skincare savant! With these three organic carriers, in conjunction with organic jojoba and therapeutic-grade essential oils you are supplying your beard with a slow release cocktail of beard and skin perfection. Our beard balm moisturizes the skin, softens the beard, reduces irritation, and with the beeswax content, tames the whispey’s.


Never forget: Healthy skin for a healthy beard.

With daily beard oil and balm use, you provide your skin and beard an instantaneous shot of health (oil) and an all-day slow-release healing salve (balm). Think of everything your skin and beard go through on a given day: You drool on it all night, comb it out, spill coffee on it, change climate multiple times a day (#TexasSummer), hide mustard in it, and who knows what else.

Your beard will be like Teflon, laughing as it ignores the abuse and keeps looking handsome as ever. Take care of your beard and it will take care of you.

And lastly, for those that say, "My beard is fine, I don't need anything," I'll close with this: If you take care of your body in your 20's and 30's you have a much higher likelihood of staying healthy as you age. If you take care of your skin and beard now, it will remain healthier and more comfortable throughout your adult life.