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Craft men's grooming products for the every man. We carry beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, and solid cologne handmade with organic carrier oils, butters, and waxes and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils along with beard combs, and apparel.



What is The Bearded Savant?

Bearded—you, the man with hair on your face.

Savant—a person who knows a lot about a particular subject, e.g. you. You know a lot about your beard, we're just here to help.

How long will my product last with daily use?

How long your product will last will depend on how much you apply, but a good rule of thumb for both oil and balm is the average person will use about 1/2 oz per month.

What is the shelf life?

12 months, once it's opened. Store it in a cool dry place as many of our products are heat sensitive. 

What about allergies?

Our beard oil and balm is a mix of carrier oils, butters, wax, and/or therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is always a good idea to test a new product on a small patch of skin prior to applying to your facial hair. Should you experience an allergic reaction, please see the return policy below.

Dang, I spilled some beard oil on my clothes. What do I do?

Treat your clothing as if it had been stained by any household oil (e.g. olive oil). When all else fails, rely on the wisdom of the masses.

What is the return policy?

Returned items will be accepted only in the cases of allergic reaction or if the product is damaged upon arrival. In both instances you will need to contact to initiate return. Refunds will be issued in the form of The Bearded Savant credit or a direct product exchange. The Bearded Savant will only cover return postage in the case of damage upon arrival. We apologize, due to the nature of our products, we cannot offer refunds if you do not like the scent.

I am interested in selling your product at my place of business, who can I speak to about wholesale pricing?

All questions pertaining to wholesale/resale may be directed to

How do I contact The Bearded Savant?

  • Send us a note using the envelope icon in the upper right corner of our site,
  • email us at,
  • call or text 512.730.1815, or
  • hit us up on social media.