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Father's Day gift guide


Father's Day gift guide

Peter Polito

Father's Day is just under two weeks away and here at The Bearded Savant, we have your facially haired man covered.  What should you get them? That depends on their type of facial hair. But first, the sale:

Father's Day Sale:

Use code 'fathersday' at checkout for an additional 10% off any oil or balm. This deal runs through 11:59 PM CDT on Father's Day.

Now, onto the gifting suggestions. 

The Five o'Clock Shadow: 

These are for the gents who's facial hair is short. If you asked them if they need something for their beard/goatee/mustache they'd say, "Why? It's so short!" They may not think they need anything but you know they need something. Why? Sandpaper. Those five o'clock shadow beards, while handsome, are usually just long enough to be rough and uncomfortable when they're pressed against your face. Give him something he would not get for himself and something that will save you: beard oil.

Beard oil will soften the stumble and make it a little less likely to give your soft skin beard burn. The best part? You can choose the scent, give him what you will want to enjoy. As a husband, I can tell you that choosing a scent my wife enjoys is so much better than choosing it myself. Trust me.


Beard experience=10, beard product knowledge=0:

This was me before I made my first ounce of beard oil. I had a beard for over a decade but never knew beard care products existed (and ten years ago, there probably wasn't much available). For these gents, beard oil or balm are great gifts. They are a great introduction to beard care products and they will greatly appreciate how much more comfortable their beard will be. 

For the bearded man who has, maybe not everything, but a lot:

For the bearded man who is pretty well versed in beard care products, he will LOVE our beard combs. These combs are handmade by a master comb maker (yeah, that's a thing), are composed of two pieces of cross-cut wood for superior strength, and are 100% natural, no treatments, no coatings, just clean, natural wood. Each comb is shipped with a bottle of wood oil to keep the comb in tip-top shape for decades. Yes, decades.

The Bearded Savant Fan:

That's obvious, get 'em a shirt!