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The Beard Routine


The Beard Routine

Peter Polito

One of the most common questions I get is, "What is your beard routine?" I've been asked this question so many times that I've come to realize there is a pervasive unease amongst bearded men that they are doing it wrong. But let me be the first to say, you are not. If you have hair on your face, you like having it on your face, and you like the way it is growing in, then you're probably doing it just fine. Regardless, some men desire the confidence that they're doing it in a way that isn't too different from everyone else. So, below is one man's beard routine (mine). Is this the right way? For me, yes. Is this the best way? As of today, yes. Will I always do it this way? Until I find a better way, yes.

A few comments about me and my face:

  1. My skin doesn't do me any favors. During hot (summer), dry (winter) weather and during periods of rapid change from cold to hot, hot to cold, dry to humid, or humid to dry (spring and autumn), I struggle with flakey skin. I don't know if its genes, the Accutane I took in high school, or what, but my skin just doesn't want to be chill. 
  2. My skin is sensitive. If I use a product that is too strong, has a bunch of unpronounceable chemicals, or the like, my skin is not happy. I usually will develop hot spots that burn, itch, and are generally unpleasant. 
  3. Despite all the challenges I have with flakey skin, my skin is generally oily. Weird, right? Just my luck: oily dry skin. 

The routine

For those of you that are busy, here's the cliff's notes version:

  1. Every day—comb it, oil it, balm it, and if 'stached wax it.
  2. Every week—wash it.
  3. Every month—trim it.

First thing in the morning, every morning:

  1. Beard comb. Every morning, after I've brushed my teeth and with my first sip of coffee only moments away, I comb my beard. My beard is 8" long (measured from below my bottom lip) and I don't sleep on my back, which means all night I'm moving my beard across the pillow and wake up with some pretty serious bed beard. I suggest anyone with a beard extending >1" from their chin should be combing their beard every day. This removes the tangles, straightens it out, and cleans it up. Read up on why you should do yourself a favor and buy a wood comb from us. Pro Tip: never use your comb on a wet beard. Damp or dry beards only (for both your beard and combs sake)
  2. Beard oil. As soon as I comb my beard I either apply beard oil or jump in the shower and then apply beard oil. Applying beard oil right after your shower is the way to achieve maximum efficiency but on the mornings I'm passing on the shower I will still apply beard oil. Not only is it absolutely necessary for my skin's health, but the burst of angelic aroma is a wonderful way to start waking up. Check out our Using our products section if you're not sure you're applying it correctly or unsure of how much to use. 
  3. Beard comb. Anytime I put oil or balm in my beard I comb it. It helps to spread the product around, straightens my beard out, and helps me to Live Handsome. Pro Tip: If you're using a wooden beard comb like you ought, using the comb right after applying will ultimately get a little oil or balm on the comb, which helps to preserve the comb, keeping it from drying out and cracking.

Last thing before I leave the house, every morning: 

  1. Beard balm: Our beard oil is designed to be readily absorbed into your skin. Within 15 minutes there will be little evidence you applied beard oil save the heavenly scent wafting from your beard. Beard balm has more staying power and a bit of holding power. By applying a bit of balm before heading out the door I take the wispy's that have refused to cooperate and put something in my beard that will moisturize my skin throughout the day. For obvious reasons, I pick a scent for the day and stick with it.
  2. Beard comb
  3. Mustache Wax: When I had a longer 'stache, this was the point I applied wax. Per my wife's request, those days are gone. Mustache wax is thought to be solely for hold and style but our wax, like our balm, is chocked full of stuff that is going to slowly work its way into your hair and skin, helping it stay moisturized throughout the day.
  4. Solid Cologne: Solid cologne isn't officially part of my 'beard' routine, but hey man, you gotta Live Handsome, am I right?

Weekly to semi-weekly:

  1. Beard wash: I wash my beard once or twice a week. I'll be honest folks, I like to hold onto my money, so at this point I've been unwilling to part with my money to buy a beard-specific wash but that as much to do with dissatisfaction with what is available as it does my frugality. I typically use a shampoo that is devoid of harsh chemicals, chemicals I cannot pronounce, and petroleum-based products. I avoid using really hot water when I'm wetting or rinsing my beard, opting for warm to tepid water. The hotter the water the more skin pores open up. Combined with a moisture-poor shampoo, you'll be giving away all that great naturally occurring skin oil, leaving you with a drier, itchier beard.
  2. Wether I've washed my beard, or taken a shower without washing it, I comb it, oil it, balm it, then comb it again.

Monthly to bi-monthly:

  1. Beard trim: I live in Austin and one of the best experiences I've had with The Bearded Savant was getting a phone call from a guy in San Antonio, TX (about 90 minutes from where I live) asking me for a good place in Austin to get his beard trimmed because, "the guys I've been to in San Antonio don't take good care of my beard" (note: If you're a good barber in San Antonio, let's talk so I can recommend you next time). A good beard barber is as important as good beard oil and balm. Some of you want to let your beard grow long and wild, allowing it to take whatever shape it wants, others have a specific vision for what they want their beard to look like. If you're in the latter category (which is most), find a good beard barber and discuss with them what you ultimately want your beard to look like (bring them a picture!). It is likely going to take a couple of visits to get there. Pro Tip: A good barber is going to trim your beard the best way to achieve the look you want. A bad barber will trim your beard then style it to the look you want, but every day after that, it won't.

It can seem overwhelming to 'do it right,' but there really isn't a right way to take care of your beard, but there are good ways. So remember:

  1. Every day—comb it, oil it, balm it, and if 'stached wax it.
  2. Every week—wash it.
  3. Every month—trim it.

Tell us your routine in the comments section, maybe your way will work better for some of our readers.