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The Story: Alchemist

Peter Polito

The Story consists of six vignettes describing a small part about how each scent came to be. We want you to know more about us—we believe personal connections are the key to understanding people and understanding people is the key to joy. Consider this one small way in which we can connect with you. 

Previous vignettes: Arborist, Naturalist, Alpinist, Lion's Mane (coming soon), Geologist


While I would like to tell a story about how the Alchemist came to be that was equal parts personal and thought-provoking. But it would be just that: a story. The Alchemist isn't rooted in some childhood experience or important life event. It is just a smell. A really fantastic smell but a smell none-the-less. 

I stumbled onto the Alchemist by accident. In the early days of The Bearded Savant I was working to expand upon the initial aromatic offerings I would ultimately bring to market. I wanted something out of the norm, a bit more exotic. So, I grabbed several different essential oils out that fit the bill, mixed them together with my carrier oils, and Alchemist was born. I inhaled it and I knew it was perfect from conception.

Wearing it for the first time, my wife came home, we greeted each other as she walked in the door, and as I came in for the welcome home kiss, her face changed from I'm-tired-after-running-errands to how-much-time-do-we-have-before-the-kids-wake-up-from-their-nap. She confirmed, it was perfect. And let me tell you, there is no beard oil scent better than the scent your beloved found most desirable. (Side note: let that be a lesson men, let your significant other choose the scent!)

The Alchemist you can purchase from this site is the exact same recipe as that very first blend. And my wife still gets that look in her eyes when she smells it.