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Craft men's grooming products for the every man. We carry beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, and solid cologne handmade with organic carrier oils, butters, and waxes and the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils along with beard combs, and apparel.


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Year of beard oil and balm and free solid cologne, oh my!

Peter Polito

If you look at our average return customer, we're filling orders for them just about every other month. Can we make it easier on you? How about a year's supply of beard oil and balm? 

For $17/month, subscribe to our Year of Oil and Balm and we will send you 1 oz of beard oil and beard balm every other month for a year. Its that simple. And to make it even sweeter, your first shipment will include our exceedingly popular Bearded Savant T-shirt. Forget about reordering, forget about shipping, forget about all that; we'll deal with it. 

We'll sweeten the deal even more to kick off the holiday season. Purchase a year of oil and balm and we'll add a tin of Solid Cologne. When all is said and done you're looking at $119 in total savings. You're practically making money (or making someone's year)!

We are daily users of both beard oil and balm, but if you're not, we have a Year of Beard Oil (for $11/month) and a Year of Beard Balm ($9/month) for you.

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Solid Cologne

Peter Polito

We are beyond excited to announce the release of The Bearded Savant Solid Cologne. From the inception of The Bearded Savant we have been dreaming of this day. In this cologne is the summation of many late nights testing different ingredient blends to achieve just the right consistency, an incredible amount of product testing, and hours envisioning just how to maximize the customer experience. Now we're here: Launch Day.

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The Story: Alchemist

Peter Polito

While I would like to tell a story about how the Alchemist came to be that was equal parts personal and thought-provoking. But it would be just that: a story. The Alchemist isn't rooted in some childhood experience or important life event. It is just a smell. A really fantastic smell but a smell none-the-less. 

I stumbled onto the Alchemist by accident. In the early days of The Bearded Savant I was working to expand upon the initial aromatic offerings I would ultimately bring to market. I wanted something out of the norm, a bit more exotic. So, I grabbed several different essential oils out that fit the bill, mixed them together with my carrier oils, and Alchemist was born. I inhaled it and I knew it was perfect from conception.

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