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Seasons change and so does skin

Peter Polito

I wish the title of this post were not true, but it is, at least for me. Here in Central Texas as the seasons change from spring into summer (hot to hotter) the skin beneath my beard starts to change. As the air gets warmer and the humidity rises, my beard gets itchy. At least it used to. The Bearded Savant beard oil line has changed all that.

Our beard oils are formulated to make your beard softer, more pliable, smell great, and enrich the underlying skin, but two in particular--Alpinist and Lion's Mane--are formulated with men like me specifically in mind. For a man whose skin just doesn't want to play along these two oils are for you. The therapeutic grade essential oils used in Alpinist and Lion's Mane were selected to directly inhibit irritation, reduce itchiness, flaking, redness, smell terrific, and also leave your skin feeling almost cool to the touch. 

This past week I was working into the wee morning hours several days in a row. As a result, I wasn't quite able to wake up with my usual morning spryness, or even on time. As a result I absent-mindedly did not apply my morning dose of beard oil or balm (gasp!). By the third day of this apostasy, I noticed a big difference--my skin was uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable. Just two days of thrice daily application of alternating Alpinist and Lion's Mane and I was back to normal. The itching and irritation were gone. Even to me, it was quite remarkable. 

So, wherever you might live, however the weather changes, the Alpinist and Lion's Mane are here for you. 

Live Handsome.  

My saving graces this past week.  

My saving graces this past week.