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The Ingredients, Part 1: Carrier Oils

Peter Polito

Over the next four days we will be pulling the veil back on our ingredients. We want you to know what we use and why we use it, so you can have confidence in our products.

Let's start with the facts:

1. You put The Bearded Savant products on your face

2. You care about what you put on your face

From this, we conclude that we better darn well care about what goes into our products or we're doing you a disservice. So, let's start with one of our most basic ingredients.


Carrier oils are what they sound like, they are oils that carry something. In our case, carrier oils are the medium by which we deliver essential oils to your skin and facial hair. Secondarily, carrier oils act as a dilution agent. Some essential oils are strong and can have an irritative effect when applied directly to the skin (e.g. cinnamon), by adding the essential oils to the carrier oils, we take that risk away without degrading the quality of the essential oil.

In our beard oil we use both jojoba (ho-ho-ba) and sweet almond oils. We use jojoba because of all the carrier oils it is most like the oil our body naturally produces. This makes it easy for our skin to absorb, which decreases the oily feeling and appearance that some products might impart. Jojoba is derived from the seed of a jojoba shrub, which is native to the American Southwest and northern Mexico (the region where we source our jojoba oil), but is grown globally as its popularity has increased. Historically, native peoples of these regions used jojoba-derived oils to treat wounds and sores—the stuff is just good for your skin.

Jojoba fruit

Jojoba fruit

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A, B, and E and a terrific moisturizer for your skin. Our sweet almond oil is sourced from here in the USA. It is a light golden oil that imparts very little scent, which is what we want—carrier oils are meant to showcase our scents, not dominate.

Almond fruit with blossoms

Almond fruit with blossoms

Both our jojoba and sweet almond oils are extracted using a 'cold-press' technique, which is a mechanical method—instead of chemical—assuring that no hydrocarbon byproducts (e.g. hexane) are added or left behind. 

Using our carefully sourced jojoba and sweet almond oils provide an outstanding base for our beard oil and an important constitutive member of our balm.

Tomorrow we'll tell you a little bit about essential oils.

Live Handsome.