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The Ingredients, Part 2: Essential Oils

Peter Polito

Continuing with the unpacking of The Bearded Savant ingredients we dive into the most important ones, the essential oils


Essential oils are the butter on our bread. They are oils extracted from trees, shrubs, grasses, spices, seeds, etc. that concentrate aroma and homeopathic qualities into a concentrated oil. Our essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade, which means prior to receiving them we know they have passed a rigorous quality assurance/quality control procedure, including testing of the chemical composition, testing for the presence of microbial matter and heavy metals, gas chromatography analysis, and numerous others. When I add peppermint to the carrier oils that will become your bottle of Lion's Mane, I have the highest confidence that you're going to be getting the best darn peppermint out there. 

This guy definitely uses high quality essential oils in his Lion's Mane.

This guy definitely uses high quality essential oils in his Lion's Mane.

Why use essential oils? Two-fold: each oil carries with it physical properties (of which, aroma is key) and homeopathic properties. Let's take a look at Cedarwood. This steam distilled oil aids in soothing irritated and flakey skin, is calming (doubles down on irritation), combats blemishes, and can knock back mild sinus issues. So not only are you helping out your beard, the skin beneath it, but there will also be unintended benefits. But at the end of the day, it just smells good, which means your beard is going to smell good. What other reason do you need?

Essential oils are the most important ingredient in our oils and balms, this is why we have gone out of our way to source the highest quality oils we can find. 

Come back tomorrow and we'll discuss butters—of the Shea and cocoa variety. I know, exciting, right?