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The Ingredients, Part 4: Beeswax

Peter Polito

Alas, it is Thursday and we arrive at our final ingredient: Beeswax. Beeswax makes up . . . oh, you thought I was going to tell you how much we use? Sorry, trade secret. Beeswax makes up some portion of our balm. Of all our ingredients beeswax is probably the most familiar to you. This magnificent stuff is made in a hive by honey bees (genus: apis). When first formed by the bees it is naturally a whitish/cream color but as the bees saunter through the hive all covered in pollen and nectar, the wax is altered to a golden hue. In the wax we source, this golden hue is removed through a five-stage boiling and filtering process, which removes the nectar and pollen but little else. We know this is true because the wax is a creamy color (its original color) instead of bright white, which is indicative of chemical processing (is your beard balm bright white? Be concerned . . .). 

Hexagonal honeycomb and the magnificent bees that make it.

Hexagonal honeycomb and the magnificent bees that make it.

Beeswax can actually help knock down the effects of airborne allergens. It's not like popping a Zyrtec, but if you're from Austin, TX and are familiar with Cedar Fever, you'll take what you can get! Additionally it provides your body with anitoxidants and is anti-inflammatory. I highlight these characteristics not because they are reasons you should use our balm. We use beeswax more so for its physical properties (more on that in the coming weeks) rather than its homeopathic properties. But the homeopathic properties are there, and they do help.

Cream-colored beeswax pellets

Cream-colored beeswax pellets

Tomorrow we'll summarize all the ingredients on one swoop. Have a great day.