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The Ingredients, Part 5: All Together

Peter Polito

Happy Friday! This week we've pulled back the veil on our ingredients, something that is not a common practice in the beard oil and balm world. We figure we have nothing to hide and an educated customer is a wise customer, so why not? Today we're going to rehash each ingredient in brief, highlighting what we use in the beard oil and beard balm family of products.


Carrier oils play a three-part role. They deliver the essential oils to your skin and facial hair, they dilute the essential oils, making irritative effects non-existent, and they themselves carry their own beneficial properties such as moisturizing.

Jojoba fruit

Jojoba fruit


Essential oils are the oils extracted from various grasses, shrubs, trees, and spices. They carry both physical properties—of which, aromatics are key—and also homeopathic properties. They smell terrific and help your skin and facial hair thrive. No matter the condition of your beard, repetitive application of the essential oils in our products will help your beard, well, become ridiculously fantastic.


We use grade A Shea butter, which means it underwent minimal processing—we even find a little husk from time to time. It moisturizes, reduces inflammation, and may even smooth out a wrinkle or two (but we don't promise that). Our Cocoa butter is steam injected to remove the scent as it can overwhelm the delicate and volatile aroma of the essential oils. It also undergoes very little processing, and like the Shea butter, moisturizes skin and hair, and may knock back a wrinkle.

Cocoa pod

Cocoa pod


Our beeswax is an ivory/cream color that supplies you with a dose of antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, and can actually help reduce the effects of allergens in your body. 


The combination of carrier oil, essential oil, butters, and beeswax create the two product families—oil and balm—that can help an uncomfortable, dull, itchy beard, become something you can be proud to wear on your face. 

Over the next two weeks we'll break open each family of products, discuss what goes into them, why, and how to maximize their potential in your beard. Have a great weekend!