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Beard Oil

Peter Polito

Last week we broke down each of the four major ingredients in our products: carrier oils, essential oils, butters, and beeswax. Now we are going to dive into the products themselves, starting this week with beard oil.  

Beard oil. What is? Why do you use it? When do you use it? What is special about The Bearded Savant beard oil? Let's look at each one individually

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a mix of carrier and essential oils. It is intended to keep the skin beneath your facial hair healthy, which in-turn keeps your facial hair healthy. Yes, facial hair. Beard oil is not specific to beards, it can be used on any type of hair—some friends of The Bearded Savant even use our products on their scalp and as a (gasp!) deodorant in the underarm. The essential oils carry with them their own health/homeopathic benefits while the carrier oils dilute and deliver the oils, as some essential oils can irritate skin if applied directly to it. Because each essential oil has its own homeopathic qualities, each beard oil will have its own homeopathic qualities. From cooling, to soothing, nurturing the root of your facial hair, to healing irritated and flakey skin. 

Why do you use beard oil?

At the end of the day, healthy skin equals a healthy beard. The Bearded Savant started because of beard dandruff and a well formulated beard oil (which ultimately became Alpinist) healed it. Beard oil will make your beard more comfortable, more pliable (softer), and will actually help it to look healthier, giving it a bit of a shine.

When do you use it?

Beard oil is most effective when applied directly after you bathe, when your pores are open and your beard is damp (but not wet). This allows for maximum wicking of the oil from your facial hair to your skin and then maximum absorption by your skin. When your skin is irritated you can apply more often than that. Typically the bearded men of The Bearded Savant we will apply twice a day when irritation arises and once a day otherwise. 

What is special about The Bearded Savant beard oil?

What makes our beard oil special are the ingredients. Take a look at our five part series the ingredients on the blog with emphasis on carrier oils and essential oils. Our quality will not be surpassed.